3 Things I Love About Travelling

There are many reasons why people will cram themselves into a tight commercial flight for hours on end, with very little leg room and the stale smell of everyone around you. Let’s face it we don’t do it for the in-flight entertainment or that delicious plane food.

Discovering Yourself

Travel is the perfect way to set out and discover yourself. It really pushes you to the end of your comfort zone and throws challenges at your from every direction. But through all of this, you’ll discover yourself, find out what you’re made of, how much you can handle, and for me, most importantly you’ll find out who you are as a person.

I have met countless solo travelers and the majority would say that traveling alone was the best decision they had ever made and agree that it is one of the best ways to work out who they are as a person.

My first and only solo adventure (so far) was when I was seventeen years old and I decided to head to Japan for an action-packed week of drifting at the famous Ebisu Circuit. Here I was able to make lifetime friends and push my driving skills to the absolute limit, but then I went to Tokyo. I was alone in a big city for the first time in my life and to top it all off I made the mistake of staying in a hotel rather than a hostel which just isolated me further.

I was bored and starting to regret the decision of doing this all alone, but I remember about halfway through the trip I was sitting in a park in the middle of Shinjuku, thinking to myself that I was letting this amazing opportunity pass me by. It took just that little thought to kick myself in the butt and begin to start enjoying my trip!

I didn’t by any means find the meaning of life and I didn’t solve all of my problems (not that at seventeen years old I had many). What I did learn was I didn’t need my friends, my family or my girlfriend to have a good time. So in a way, I did discover myself but I also discovered a brand new love of traveling.

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