Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

If you are anything like me, picking the perfect accommodation is part of the fun of travelling. Staying in a nice hotel makes a journey so much better. It is nice to have somewhere nice to relax after a long day of adventuring. Although it can be expensive to get the best room, sometimes it is worth it. Today, we are taking a look at six insane hotels that take luxury to the next level. If ever I have enough disposable income to spend on accommodation, you know I’ll be checking into one of these places, if not multiple.

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

The United Arb Emirates work hard to keep up a standard of luxury throughout their cities, and a significant contributor to this luxury is the work of Emirates, possibly the most high-class airline in the world at the moment. When they are not delivering first-class experiences that are out of this world, they are delivering fantastic service on the ground. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is sure to overwhelm you. This hotel cost three billion dollars the build and has four hundred impressive suites. Each room is stunning and unique, each with the comfiest of beds and the best of terrace views. The hotel has a private spa for the guests to enjoy and a white-sand beach only meters away. They feature an array of pools and fountains and interiors featuring marble that has been imported from thirteen different countries. If you thought that was overdoing it, check out their one thousand crystal chandeliers, or take a stroll down to the marina and see an ocean of bobbing boats. The Emirates Palace is fit for a king, and when you stay there, you will certainly feel like one too.

Mardan Palace in Turkey Meanwhile, in Turkey, you can enjoy a 24/7 personal butler who will accompany you from check in to check out. Feel the sizzling summer heat as you relax by the pool, all at the Mardan Palace in Turkey. Funded by a Russian billionaire, the palace was built in 2009 and cost around 1.65 billion dollars to build. Much of this cost can be due to the gold-leaf interior design, Italian marble floors and a man-made beach with sand imported from Egypt. It has ten restaurants and seventeen bars inside, all restaurants have a large selection of mouth-watering dishes which will accommodate even the fussiest of eaters. There is also a magnificent pool that can hold over one thousand swimmers at a time, it is the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean. There is a lavish spa for pampering purposes and even an aquarium full of exotic fish. Mardan Palace is out of this world and is one of the most incredible hotels on earth.

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

We are back in the UAE, this time in Dubai. Every room in this uniquely shaped hotel is a two-floor suite, the hotel has its own helipad and huge hovering tennis court. There is a wide range of nightlife and dining options for the patrons. A hotel so perfect you will never want to leave. You have definitely seen this hotel before, it is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. It is the famous sail-shaped building in Dubai. Everything in this building is state-of-the-art, from the views to the interiors to the service. The amenities are so extra you will think you are witnessing alien technology. The staff take the experience of the guests very seriously, 24/7 on-call butler services are available as is a personal chauffeur in a Rolls Royce. Anyone can feel like a VIP at Burj Al Arab.

Marquis Los Cabos in Los Cabos

On the southern tip of Mexico stands Marquis Los Cabos, a hotel with an incredible backstory. Legend has it that hotel was the answer to a prayer made by two angels who were looking for paradise. That should give you a clear idea as to what is in store. The lobby has panoramic views of the ocean and an interior design which will fascinate you. The rooms of the hotel are something to be admired, each has an infinity pool, art in the form of sculptures and a balcony at which you can view the wonders of the ocean. If you are lucky, you may even witness a whale migration. Similarly to our other entries, there is also an in-house spa for guests to enjoy. Experience a world-class dining experience at the hands of Los Cabos’ great chefs. There are five on-site restaurants to enjoy, and room service is available 24/7. There is plenty to aside from relaxation at the hotel as well. Sign up for some dance classes, archery lessons or join the patrons in their nightly live entertainment and weekly themed parties. If you are not yet sold, there is a virtual tour of the premises available on their website, see it for yourself!

Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas Modelled after the lost city of Atlantis, this hotel is bound to blow you away. Atlantis Paradise Island is precisely that, a whole island dedicated to fun, luxury, glamour and wonder. Scaling over one hundred and forty-one acres of land, Atlantis has got to be one of the largest hotels ever erected. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, this lost city is perfect for families, couples and anyone who wants to have a good time. Luxury takes a physical form in the Royal Towers Bridge Suite, located on the 23rd floor. The suite has ten rooms, each with twelve-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. It has a grand piano, twin entertainment centres, a formal dining room with a twenty-two karat gold chandelier and more. There is also a permanent staff of seven to serve your every whim. This enormous hotel features nineteen bars, twenty-one restaurants, a water park, nine pools, two marine habitats, a casino, a golf course and so much more. You will never want to leave Atlantis.

Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa in Anguilla Located on the tiny Carribean island of Anguilla is the Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa. It was initially built by the owner as a personal resort but was later transformed into a world-class hotel. Although not as expensive or as crazy as the other entries, the resort offers uniqueness and intimacy that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Check into one of the classy villas before taking off to explore the island. Enjoy a drink at the bar, a massage at the spa or a round of golf on the course between explorations. Experience a type of luxury that isn’t indicated by gems and gold but by the experience. The resort is purposely located in the centre of the island so wherever you are, you will never be too far away from your accommodation. While you are there, you can enjoy some rum tasting at the bar or the more outlandish ‘mermaid lessons’ which have participants strapped into a tail before diving into the glass infinity pool. If you are planning a trip around the Caribbean, consider stopping by Anguilla and enjoying the luxury of Cuisinart.

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