Eating With The Locals

One of the highlights of visiting a new place is trying out the food that they have to offer. Thailand is known for having the best street food in the world, but unfortunately, most tourists who visit Thailand never actually enjoy all the “Foodie” goodness that this place has to offer. This seems to be because they usually stick to what they know and what they are told to be safe, meaning eating all of their meals in restaurants.

The food served in restaurants can still very good, but to fully experience and enjoy authentic Thai cuisine we believe you HAVE to eat the street food.

A great way to have an eye-opening experience and enjoy delicious Thai Street food is to get a local guide or make a local friend to show you around, Sometimes the locals are the only ones that can show you the hidden ‘Gems’.

We have two very simple rules when choosing where to eat; Rule number one ‘if the locals eat there we eat there’, and rule number two ‘always keep an open mind’.

Most of the meals might not look like what you are used to, and you may not be very thrilled to try out new things, but we believe it is essential that you venture out of your comfort zone and try a bit of everything. We promise the street food of Thailand will blow your mind.

You can enjoy a wide range of food on the Thai streets including Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai Noodles, and Grilled Pork Skewers, the list is endless.

In our experience, we have found the food from the small street carts to be some of the most mouth-watering we have had in our lives, and we encourage you to go out and experience it for yourselves… you will not be disappointed.

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