Leverage Your Travels

Are you a backpacker or just someone that likes to travel the World? Don’t you hate the fact that tour companies know little to nothing and usually extort their clients.

Becoming part of the MyTours community is your chance to give back and earn a little something on the side. Make use of those experiences and share your hidden gems today!

How It Works

Every time you go somewhere special or see something unique, you can add those experiences to MyTours. We are talking the usual things from photos to step by step guides.

Other MyTours users will see a dialled back version of your tour and decide whether they want to purchase it or not. When they inevitably do, its then that they will get all the important details.

How Much

We suppose its unfair to keep you in suspense anymore! The whole point of adding content is so that you can earn a bit of dosh back to fund your next great adventure.

Every time a user purchases your tour with gold tokens, you will receive $2. If your tour starts to trend, it won’t be hard for you to get thousands of downloads and I’m sure we dont have to do the maths for you….