Find The Hidden Gems

Don’t you hate it when people tell you stories of the incredible “secret” places that they went when they were traveling or on holiday. Places that a “regular” tourist cant find because you have to make friends with a local or go on an expensive tour.

Thats why we created the MyTours app. Its is essentially a database of these special, largely unheard of trips, tours and places of interest.

See What's Popular

Google is jam packed full of information but the problem is that it can be really hard to know whats real and whats good. If your experience is anything like ours, every-time you do a search on a destination, you will be bombarded with a million different options.

Well with MyTours, we have made it easy. Not only do you get the usual rating and review system, we have also created a smart algorithm that works out which tours are trending at any given time. This will ensure you always know the best places to go.

Everything You Need

One of the other problems we have found when trying to find something exciting to do whilst visiting another country is that the free info is never complete, which means you have to pay a load of money to get all the details.

We have made MyTours free to browse and affordable to get the full tour details. You also get rewarded for referring friends and uploading you own content. Plus when you do purchase a tour, you get everything you need, from photos to duration and even physical exertion.