Best Travel Instagrams.

By: Kayla Farriss

If I had things my way, those far off, insta-perfect places would be little checks on my bucket list as soon as the thought popped up into my mind. But for a lack of, well, everything, I cannot just hop on the next plane out and chase waterfalls (sage old wisdom from TLC). So either as a reminder of the great wide world out there, or inspiration to put in the work to one day get there, travel Instagram’s provide a doorway to the excursions and expeditions of our fellow wanderers.

Even if it’s winter where you are, its summer somewhere else and sunny beaches or pristine natural springs can pop up on your feed as a reminder that your next adventure is long overdue. Travel Instagrams are a great way to keep the inspiration for your next get away, as well as providing new paths into old places. While all photographers bring something special to the table, these are some of the most popular, and fascinating traveling Instagrams to date.


There’s a whole wide world out there, and earth pix has photos of it all! From plateaus and mountains of natural beauty to the bustling city hub outside the airport, Earth Pix provides coverage from coast to coast. With 14 million followers and new posts almost daily, Earth Pix is worth the loyal following it boasts of. The unique part about this Instagram is that it is not just one or two independent travelers with a camera—- it’s hundreds! Earth Pix posts the best of the best currently circulating, meaning that they get pictures of spots all around the world from freelance photographers. So while today you may see a breath taking shot of Bora Bora, tomorrow it could be stunning views of the Alps. Earth Pix is the perfect Instagram for the follower who wants to see it all!


An experienced blogger, photographer, and traveler, Matthew Karsten (the man behind the handle @expertvagabond) quit his day job in 2010 to travel the world for seven years. While he is not currently full-time traveling anymore, he is still averaging about six months of the year up and abroad. He is a thrill seeker, and his photographs reflect that wild spirit with all of his extreme hikes, surfing, and skydiving. His photos are unique and 153,000 people agree that this nomad is worth the follow!


While you may not know his name, odds are you’ve seen his work. Alex Strohl’s photography has been found gracing sites such as Buzzfeed or Vanity Fair, and his Instagram is the first toe-dip into admiring the view. His focus rests in natural beauty, and most of the shots featured are of landscapes nearly untouched by mankind. Strohl’s Instagram offers a unique perspective on both common and uncommon destinations, and nearly tops every list when discussing the most follow-worthy travelers.


Now there’s something you don’t see every day! Tommy is known for impressive birds-eye shots, and while that in and of itself tends to make a name for the photographer, he goes above and beyond… literally! Tommy Clarke takes his photographs while holding onto the side of a helicopter! So not only is he conquering the world one mountain at a time, he’s capturing it for his 57,000+ followers and igniting that little adventure flame inside us. Tommy’s artwork encompasses all of the world, but he’s got a particular affinity for shorelines such as beaches or lakes. Join the journey, and check out this truly one of a kind explorer!


His bio says it all: “full-time travelling to become the youngest Spaniard to visit every country in the World.” When you first visit the page, you’re met with a visually pleasing look at vibrant blue waters and lush green wildlife from all of the countries he has successfully checked off. What’s unique about this Instagrammer is that most of his posts come included with captions based on his time in a place and helpful hints for those following in his impressive footsteps. Alvaro Rojas artfully blends the art of blogging and photography and makes every new post a must-see. Currently, this traveller is at 133 countries and counting!


Or, more commonly known as The Road Les Traveled. Lesley is an experienced world traveler who combines her passion for wandering with blogging. Her posts are introspective, witty, and fun to read as well as being delightfully informative about where in the world she is. While originally from the Los Angeles area, Lesley is constantly moving up and around the world and her Instagram is the perfect reflection of her bohemian spirit. Lesley is also a notably fashionable traveler, so if you’re looking for more of a lifestyle travel blogger then look no further!


Even Photoshop could not match the beauty of these pictures! Emmett Sparling uses a Canon 5D camera to get jaw-dropping shops of the myriad of places he visits. From New Zealand to Jordan, he finds the beaten path and captures it in its rawest beauty. One word to describe this vagabond would be adventurous, as his shots are often taken while traversing such wonders as the Saharan Desert or hiking Mt. Rundle.

And in my totally unbiased opinion, the best traveling Instagram:


Not only is mytoursglobal useful for planning your next excursion, but it also features shots from a wide variety of sources. From travels within the company, to cool pictures taken by independent nomads, mytoursglobal Instagram is a pleasing array of all corners of the world. If you’ve got a cool, show-worthy shot then tag us for the possibility of a feature! Some posts are even sneak peaks of new tours or articles so to stay both up to date, and in the know give @mytoursglobal a follow!

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