Shane Konzen

Creator of MyTours

Over the years, Shane has had a plethora of passions, from his amateur photography career in which he created an extensive portfolio featuring models and fast cars, to his more recent endeavours in running the MyTours company and learning guitar. Aside from traveling, Shane enjoys both drinking and making good coffee and his tropical garden. 

Shane has endeavoured in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan amongst other places. He founded MyToursGlobal as a way to share his experiences while traveling and invite others to do the same. His plans for the future include a road trip across Australia. He has recently acquired the van he plans to travel in but is still looking for the perfect time to commence his journey.

Tayla Francis

Shane’s Boss // Co-Director

Tayla is the head of Customer Relations at MyTours Global. She helps with sending emails and managing the MyTours social media accounts. Tayla loves adventure and hopes to travel as much as possible within her lifetime. She can often be found with a good book or a cup of tea in hand. She also loves cats and has an impressive collection of beautiful tattoos.

Thats why we created the MyTours app. Its is essentially a database of these special, largely unheard of trips, tours and places of interest.

Michael Konzen


When he isn’t managing his pest control business, Michael can be found going for a fish or exploring in his Kombi van. As an ex-sailor for the Royal Australian Navy, Michael is known for being very dedicated to and passionate about his work. This Newcastle native is always willing to try something new, as long as it does not include flying. 

Michael is also credited as helping create the MyToursGlobal app which is available on the both iOS and Google Play store. He tends to handle the more business-y side of things and would be willing to speak with any potential investors.

Holden Walker

Content Creator

Iced tea connoisseur and proud dachshund parent Holden is responsible for pushing out content for the MyTours Blog and accompanying app. When he isn’t researching topics for next week’s article, Holden can be found organising Spotify playlists or watching Netflix instead of actually doing any work.

He has endeavoured in the French territory of New Caledonia and has made plans to travel to California and Nevada after graduation. In the future, Holden does want to expel as much disposable income on traveling as possible.

Kayla Farriss

Content Creator

Ignoring her college work one travel daydream at a time, Kayla Farriss’ primary goal rests in seeing the world. An avid reader, writer, and adventurer Kayla hopes to find that perfect cocktail of travel and work, having been a zip line instructor in South Lake Tahoe, and a lowly intern in Germany, as well as a myriad of odd jobs in other places. Between writing articles and planning the cheapest way to get from point A to B, she can be found on the beach, or at the nearest sushi place, blissfully pretending as if homework doesn’t exist.

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