5 Train rides you should take in your lifetime!

Thinking of trying something different, how about travelling by train? It doesn’t sound very fun or exciting, but it certainly can be. Check out these five train journeys from all around the globe and discover the world of train tourism.

1. Hiram Bingham

All aboard the Hiram Bingham! This 1920’s style locomotive will take you across the landscape of Peru. See endless landscapes and lush jungles all while relaxing in your high-end cabin. It’s a fabulous, hassle-free way to see the countryside of Peru and all it has to offer. You will see so much on the three and a half hour journey, from Machu Pichu to the Urugamba river and finally, the Inca Citadel, where your train journey will end. Enjoy a luxurious meal in the restaurant carriage and witness breathtaking views. Be warned; however, the train takes its passengers all the way up to 7500 feet above sea level. It can be a little disorienting for some, but oxygen is available on board just in case. But its all worth it to see the view from the top.

2. The Ghan

The Ghan, short for its former name ‘The Afghan Express’, is the second longest train ride featured on this list. This huge two and a half day journey across Australia takes its travellers from Adelaide to Darwin. During the duration of The Ghan, riders will get the opportunity to see many of Australia’s natural beauties, from the deserts in central Australia to the lush tropics of the north. You can travel hostel-style, or for a little extra you can be upgraded to a stunning private cabin and bathroom. Perfect for those who prefer to sleep rough while they travel as well as those who value luxury as their number one priority.

3. The Adirondack

The Adirondack is more about the train itself than it is about the trip. On your journey to Montreal from New York, you will explore locations such as Utica, Lake Placid, Thendara and Saranac Lake. But the real experience is the onboard parties. The Adirondack, every night is a party. Their extensive food and drinks menu paired with live bands and DJs makes for a wild night. Between parties, the train also provides guided tours of the locations they stop at, many tours are also themed. If you come in the fall, you may want to sign up for the Fall Foliage tour, which offers travellers the opportunity to experience the spectacular view of the changing colours of the Adirondack trees.

4. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Aboard The Golden Eagle is a great way to see Russia. One of the best trains in EasternEurope offers spectacular views of the Russian countryside, which you can enjoy from the privacy of your imperial suite. It is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious train experiences in the world. The train takes you from Moscow to Vladivostok or the other way too if you’d prefer. The onboard meals are exquisite, and the views are unbeatable. However, if you thought The Ghan was long, nothing can compare to this 9.2 thousand km journey. Good thing the rooms are spacious and the menu and scenery are unbeatable.

5. The Eastern Orient Express

If you only put one of these train rides on your bucket list, make it The Orient Express. Although most famous for its trips through Europe, you should seek out this particular route instead. This train route takes its passengers on a journey between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is easily one of the best ways to see Southeast Asia in all its glory. Surrounded by natural beauty, enjoy the luxurious amenities the train has to offer and conclude your journey feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The Orient Express has been recognised as one of the best trains in the world, often celebrated for its beauty, service, dining and off-train experiences. It really is the best way to see these countries.

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